Teaching Apprenticeships (TA)

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TA Application process:

  • If your course qualifies for a TA (minimum enrollment of 50 students), you will need to submit a Faculty TA Application by August 1 for the academic year.
  • The application allows you to specify a particular TA you prefer and skills/experiences needed for your courses that year.
  • If you have a specific TA in mind, please ask them to submit a Student TA Application.  We do our best to accommodate faculty requests, but cannot guarantee a specific placement since TA assisgnments depend on numerous factors, such as student's fellowships, avalability, and scheduling.
  • You and your TA should refer to the SoN webpage  for detailed information about TA eligibilty, resources, trainings and compensation.

Nursing 375:

If you are supervising TAs in a particular quarter, you will have a Nursing 375 (TA Practicum) course and TA(s) working with you must be enrolled in Nursing 375 each quarter.  At the end of the quarter, faculty must submit a S/U grade for their TA in Nursing 375, so this is a chance for you to evaluate your TA and provide feedback.   For more information about Nursing 375 and 495 courses, please see Graduate Divisions's Guidance on 375 courses.

TA Evaluation by Faculty:

  • Prior to start of the quarter, you and your TA should review expectations and duties in great detail, including attendance expectations, exam proctoring and Finals Week schedule. 
  • This TA Evaluation Form is to be completed by a faculty member together with their TA at the start of quarter, mid-quarter, and at the end of the quarter, to outline duties, set expectations, weekly hours, and provide consistent feedback throughout the quarter.

Resources and Questions:

The Office of Instructional Development (OID) has great resources for TAs and Faculty.  Please refer to The Teacher's Guide for information about course and curriculum planning, improving teaching, grading, student writing, etc.

If you have questions about the TA application or to request CVs of students who applied, please contact TA@sonnet.ucla.edu

If you have any technical difficulties with the application site, please contact the IT Helpdesk.  Questions about allocation of TAs should be directed to the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Lynn Doering.