Travel and Reimbursements

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UCLA Travel Arrangements

UCLA Travel Center

Online booking is available through the Connexxus portal using your UCLA Log-On ID (Single sign-on). Travelers must Log-on to this portal once to complete a travel profile, which can be found under the "My Profile" tab on the top of the screen. You will need to designate a travel arranger, i.e. Tania Perez or Willie Dawson. For booking airline tickets, you or your travel arranger must submit a trip request using the Pre-Trip Authorization (PTA) portal and obtain a PTA number at least two weeks in advance. You will not be able to book a flight without a PTA number.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Tania Perez at (310) 794-0130 or Willie Dawson at (310) 206-4571.

Guidelines for Infrequent Travelers

Business Travel and Working Meeting Guidelines
It is the policy of the University that all business travel shall be properly authorized, reported, and reimbursed in accordance with UC policy. Under no circumstances shall personal expenses be charged to, or be temporarily funded by, the University. Reimbursement requests should explicitly indicate if any names should be kept confidential in the event of a public records request, and the information will be redacted when appropriate. This applies to names of potential donors, candidates for open positions at UCLA, or other individuals who are not employed at UCLA.

Entertainment Expenses (i.e., Workings Meetings)
How to Claim Reimbursement
Please submit all documents including the completed Reimbursement Request Form (Non-Travel) and itemized receipts to Tania Perez. All working business meeting expenses must be pre-approved by the PI or Director of the individual claiming a reimbursement.

*Per UC policy (BFB-G-28, revised April 2015), expenses must be submitted to the Travel Accounting office within 45 days after completion of the trip/event.

Required Information

  • Type of Expense (breakfast, lunch, dinner, light-refreshments)
  • Type of Meeting/Event (Research, donor cultivation/stewardship, faculty recruitment, etc.)
  • Business purpose of the meeting and main agenda topic
  • Attendee list to include name, title, and affiliations of each participant
  • Date and location of event
  • Name of the official host
  • Exception to policy justification required if per-person maximum allowable is exceeded, alcohol is included and/or spouse/partner/child was in attendance.

Maximum per Person Rates per UC Policy
Breakfast - $27/person
Lunch - $47/person
Dinner - $81/person
Light-refreshments - $19/person

Reimbursement Forms

Travel Reimbursement Request Form (For grant reimbursements, the "Department Head Signature" should be signed by the PI.)

Reimbursement Request Form (Non-Travel)

Mileage Parking Reimbursement Form

Supply Request Order Form

Travel Tips and Reminders


Per Diem Rates - Domestic and International

Domestic Per Diem Rates

International Per Diem Rates