PhD Curriculum Subcommittee

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Summary and Notes

  • Summary of Proposed Changes to the PhD Program
  • Course Sequence:  APN to PhD-proposed
  • Course Sequwnce APN to PhD -current
  • Meeting notes from 8/18/14 prediscussion
  • Meeting notes from 8/25/14 retreat
  • Online writing resources from NIH


Proposed Course Revisions Docs

  • 202 (Philosphy)--proposed changes
  • 203C (Statistics III)--proposed course requirement
  • 206 (Nursing Theory Development)--current syllabus
  • 207 (Quant. Research Design)--current syllabus
  • 208 (Measurement of Outcomes)--current syllabus
  • 295B and 295C (Nursing Science Seminar)----current syllabi


PhD Written Qual