Zoom Video Conferencing

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Zoom is video-conferencing software that is provided via UCLA for use in Skype-like calls, video-conferencing, and teaching.  Faculty and staff can sign-up for accounts by visiting ucla.zoom.us

Accounts are limited so sign-in today to get your very own account and give it a try.
Zoom training Schedule will be held periodically during School of Nursing IT Brown Bags so, please, bring a device and join us!

What is Zoom?

Zoom is UCLA's choice for video and web conferencing which gives authorized users the ability to host online meetings with up to 50 participants.

Downloading Zoom

We recommend that when prompted, you download and install Zoom (~10MB). Zoom is also available for iOS and Android through the App Store and Google Play respectively. You can download Zoom here: https://zoom.us/support/download

Updating Zoom software

Keeping your version of Zoom current will ensure that you can take advantage of new features and bug fixes. Although Zoom will prompt you to update your software when a new version is released, you can also manually check for updates by logging into your account at ucla.zoom.us.

Zoom client, New version is available, Update Now
Zoom client, A new version of Zoom is available, Release Note, Update Now

First time signing in with Zoom Launcher and the Home Screen

Once Zoom is installed, click on the application to launch Zoom. You can "Join a Meeting" or "Sign In." If you would like to log in to start or schedule a meeting, click on "Sign In" then select the “Login with SSO” option. When prompted for the SSO site URL, enter https://ucla.zoom.us and then sign in with your UCLA logon account.

Zoom signin.png

You will be taken to the Home screen where you can Start new meetings (with and without video), Schedule new meetings, or Join meetings already in progress.

Zoom home.png

Starting a New Meeting and the Meeting Window

Clicking either of the Start orange icons will start a new meeting in a new window.

Zoom meeting.png

The meeting window displays the Meeting ID number at the top of the window. When Share Screen is not enabled, the main window will display the video feed (if enabled) or the user’s chosen icon. Zoom will try switch the main video feed based on which user is speaking. Other user feeds will be displayed at the top of the page.

Invite participants

Click on the Invite link at the bottom of the page to invite participants.

Zoom invite.png

Participants can be invited by:

  1. Copying the URL to the meeting and sharing it (via email, post on your class site, etc)
  2. Copying the full invite text (Copy Invitation) and sharing it (via email, post on your class site, etc)
  3. Emailing through the Zoom "Invite by Email tab

Manage Participants

The Manage Participants window shows all attending participants and allows you to mute participants, disable video, prevent other participants from sharing their screens, and lock the meeting so no new participants can enter.

Zoom manage.png


The Zoom chat box can be opened by clicking on Chat. The chat box allows you to communicate with all participants or select specific participants to send messages to (by clicking their name in the participants list on the left).

Zoom chat.png


Clicking Record starts recording for the session. Recordings are stored locally on your computer in the folder set in Settings -> Recording. Once the meeting is complete, the recording will converted and saved to your computer. To revisit past recordings, click on the Meetings Tab from Home Screen and select “Recorded”. You will be able to play full meetings with video or just audio, delete recordings, or open the file folder to access the recording file.

Zoom recording.png

Participants will not be able to record sessions without the host’s permission. If a participant does record the session, the recording will be stored locally on the participant’s computer.

Screen Sharing

Click on the Share Screen link to begin screen sharing. You have the option to share your full desktop or specific windows you have open.

Zoom share.png

Starting screen sharing minimizes the main meeting window and highlights the window you are sharing (if you’re sharing a window and not the desktop).

Zoom share2.png

You can stop sharing at any time by clicking “Stop Share”.

Annotate Screen Share

Annotate the window you are sharing by clicking the Annotate icon.png icon to open the Annotate tool bar.

Annotation controls.png

Using annotate, you can draw and highlight parts of the page you are sharing. You can also erase, undo, or redo annotations. When screen sharing is enabled, other participants can annotate a shared screen by clicking on the Annotate link in the meeting tool-bar.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 4.16.16 PM.png

The meeting host can prevent this by clicking Disable Attendee Annotation.

Zoom annotate.png

Scheduling Meetings

Zoom meetings can be scheduled in advance. To schedule a new meeting, click on the Schedule button to set the date and time for the meeting. Scheduling a meeting allows you to get the Meeting ID number in advance to give out to participants. Meetings can also be reoccurring so you do not have to give out a new Meeting ID number or link if you want to hold Office Hours. Meetings will require you to be present in the meeting before other participants can join unless you have the “Enable join before host” option enabled. The schedule tool also opens up your email to send out invites through Outlook or Gmail.

Zoom schedule.png

Once the meeting is scheduled, it will show up on this list of meetings in the Meeting tab.

Linking to Your Meeting

You can add a meeting link to your CCLE Moodle course website by grabbing the meeting URL from the invitation and adding it as a URL link. The link format is always https://ucla.zoom.us/j/######### with the 9 digit number of your meeting ID. When students click on the link, they will be prompted to start the Zoom application and join the meeting.

Change your Personal Meeting ID to your office phone number

To change your Personal Meeting ID to your office phone number login to https://ucla.zoom.us (using your UCLA Logon ID)

Click on "Edit" and set your office phone number as the Personal Meeting ID.


For more information on how to set up Zoom within CCLE (Moodle) click here: https://docs.ccle.ucla.edu/w/ZOOM