Helpdesk system

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How it works

You can create a “ticket” to ask for help from IT, be that fixing an urgent problem, requesting service, or asking for advice. The site is; this link is at the top of the intranet homepage.
As soon as you create a ticket, an email is sent to all IT members, and you will also receive a confirmation email with the ticket number. You can track progress online and add clarification or ask further questions using the ticket system, rather than sending emails to various IT staff. The system tracks your current and past tickets, which you can see by clicking "Review My Tickets" at You can post a reply to a currently open ticket or you can re-open a past ticket.
Most tickets are handled by the IT Service Desk Analyst (Chris Balabis), but specialized issues will be covered by other IT staff with the appropriate experience.
Once a ticket is deemed resolved you will receive an email notifying you that the ticket has been closed. However, you can re-open it if you are not satisfied.
The ticket system helps the IT staff keep track of requests for help, and allows us to quickly assign tasks to the first available person with matching expertise. As of May 2016, you can now easily track you own tickets, and cut down on email chains between multiple IT staff and yourself.


How to use it

To access the School of Nursing Helpdesk system go to
You will be prompt to enter your UCLA Logon ID
You will then be redirected to the landing page of the Helpdesk system
As a first time user, clicking on one of the options (Open a New Ticket / Review My Tickets) will redirect you to register with the system (required only once).
Click on the link “Click here to register”
your information will be auto populated in the form fields (the name and the email fields cannot be changed – the information is derived from your official UCLA information), Click on the “Register” button.
you will be redirected to the successful registration page. Follow the link to continue
the link will redirect to the home screen to create a new ticket.