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FAQ / Quick Help

Top 5 Classroom Technology Issues and Their Solutions

The projector in my room is off--how do I turn it on?

Q: The projector in my room is off--how do I turn it on?

A: Mounted on the wall near the computer in the room is a control box that looks like the picture below--if the projector is off, mostly likely the OFF button is illuminated.  Press the ON button and wait about 30 seconds--the projector should come on.  If the panel is not illuminated, look for a remote near the computer table or lectern.  To turn on the projector with the remote hold the ON button on the remote, to turn it off hold the OFF button on the remote or press the OFF button twice in quick succession.  (Note: to see the PC image, make sure PC and not VIDEO is selected from the list of projector inputs as seen in the photo below)



Q: I have a guest speaker that needs to hook up a laptop--how do I do this?

A: Most of our larger classrooms have an extra VGA cable that is there for laptop use--you will, however, need to disconnect the VGA cable that's used with the classroom desktop PC.  Then you will need to connect the laptop VGA cable (usually coiled up by the panel in each classroom when not in use) to both the panel and the laptop.  (NOTE: If you have a Mac but don't have your own adapter we may be able to provide one.  We can't guarantee we have the adapter you need so its best to either buy your own and have your guest speakers bring their own)


Q: I'm trying to play a video but the sound is not working--how I can fix this?

A: First, check to make sure the speakers are on.  Most are turned out by turning the volume knob to the right.  If this doesn't solve the issue, next try looking at the back of computer.  Make sure the cable that runs from the speakers into the computer is plugged into the green port on the back of the computer.  If it is not plugged in or plugged into a different port, plug it in the green port and then test your audio.


Q: The door to my classroom is locked--how do I open it?

A: If you are UCLA SON Faculty and your Factor Building classroom is one of our rooms equipped with Omni-Lock technology, your ID badge will let you access the room at any time and on any day.  If it doesn't work, contact Stephen Austin or Zoe Taylor (saustin@sonnet.ucla.edu or ztaylor@sonnet.ucla.edu) and they can troubleshoot your card access to our classrooms.  (NOTE: This access does not extend beyond Factor Building)


Q: I can't access the Internet on the classroom computer--how can I fix this?

A: The most likely reason that the Internet is not available on the classroom computer is that the data cable was unplugged from either the back of the computer or from the wall jack.  Check to see that both ends are securely clicked-in to both ends.  If that doesn't fix the problem or both ends were clicked in, try removing both ends of the data cable from their port and reconnecting them.