Office Computing Support

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Office Computers

We provide a Windows desktop computer for full-time employees in their office. The standard model includes a monitor, Microsoft Office and other applications, and access to the network drives and printers. Staff will help you configure your computer including email, and install additional applications upon request. We also assist with use of UCLA services (e.g., bruin online, email, Moodle). We fully support this standard model.

Users may purchase their own desktop or laptop for office use, but this will not have full support. Internet connection is available through wireless, which should be specified as an option on any desktop you purchase. We will endeavor to help users connect to the network drives and printers if possible, and we will provide advice on installation and configuration of software, but we will not provide a replacement service for hardware failures. In some cases, we will not be able to connect the computer to the network drives and printers.

Home Computers

We provide online services for users to access work-related materials from outside the office, including home. We will provide advice and be available to consult regarding setting up and working with those remote systems. For example, we will give advice on how to connect to your email via mobile phone, or to the network drives from your home computer.

However, we do not provide full service for computers in the home, and staff will not visit your home to provide service. We cannot guarantee that the online services will work with every computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone that you have.

If you work from home using you own computers, you are responsible for maintenance. You may bring in your computer to the IT Help Desk for service, as long as it is used primarily for work purposes. Otherwise, we recommend using outside consultants in case help is needed.

Research Computers

Because research needs and funding vary, we offer a mix of support for research computing.

Standard Computers: Full-time research staff receive full support for a standard office computer. We also provide office computing to part-time or volunteer staff, on a priority basis: people working for faculty with major funding take precedence over other workers. For volunteers and students working for non-funded faculty, at the discretion of the IT staff, we will provide refurbished office computers if available. However, we do not guarantee ongoing support for such “donated” systems, so the faculty will be responsible for replacing faulty hardware.

Research computers: Research-specific computers and software purchased by the School of Nursing (including with external research grants) will be supported, with the level of support depending on the customization of the equipment. The IT focus is helping faculty choose and configure hardware and software, set up the computer on the network, and connect to network drives, printers and other systems if possible. We will support non-SoN owned research computers on an ad-hoc basis, with priority given to funded research projects. In all cases, we will offer advice for purchasing computers, installing software, connecting to IT services, and ensuring security and maintenance. However, IT staff will not necessarily perform these tasks, and will not necessarily be responsible for hardware or software problems. IT staff are also unfamiliar with statistical analysis and other research-specific software, so support for such is limited to installation, but we will suggest training and campus resources.