Laptop Theft and Loss Prevention

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Laptop Theft and Loss Prevention

December 3, 2014, from UCLA Insurance and Risk Management

In light of recent laptop thefts, we would like to remind you of a laptop security program made available through Be Smart About Safety funding to prevent laptop theft and loss. This tracking software is free to download for students, staff, and faculty from FrontDoor Software using your “” email address.

Once the software is downloaded and the laptop is registered online, anyone that finds the laptop can immediately see who owns the laptop when the laptop is turned on. If a laptop is reported stolen and it senses an on-line connection, the security program will send a stolen computer message, lock the lap top remotely to protect information, and track the laptop using WI-FI triangulation and Google Maps. This will then assist the user and UCPD or local law enforcement to recover the laptop.

We ask that you forward this information to those in your departments with laptops. More information on the program can be found here: The software can also be downloaded at: