Software Policy

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Desktop Applications

Under licensing terms administered through UCLA Software Central, the School of Nursing provides the following desktop applications and operating systems for University-owned computers.  

Microsoft Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

Microsoft Office Suite

  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2011 (Mac)

Adobe Acrobat

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional XI

Antivirus and Patching Software

  • Lumension
  • Sophos (UCLA campus license)

Subscription-based applications

  • (UCLA campus license)


Other software is of course available to the departments through other license agreements throughout the campus. Please contact the helpdesk for more information.


Home Use Rights

Adobe Acrobat

  • Eligible faculty and staff may exercise Adobe's Work at Home rights for work-related purposes. Each Work at Home User must fill out this form and return a copy to Software Central and to the School of Nursing Helpdesk.


Microsoft Office Suite

  • School of Nursing employees are eligible to participate in Microsoft's Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables all covered employees to get a licensed copy of the latest Microsoft Office Suite for Windows or Macintosh to install and use on their personally-owned home computer for only $9.95.

    Under the Home Use Program, covered employees may acquire a licensed copy of the Office to install and use at home. Covered employees may also install this same license on a personal laptop however, only one copy of Office may legally be in use at any given time.  Covered employees may use the software for personal use; software purchased under this program is not restricted to work use only.

    Covered employees may continue using HUP software while employed at UCLA and as the department continues to participate in the MCCA program. To do so, visit the Microsoft Home Use Program website. Please contact the School of Nursing Helpdesk for the program code.


Purchasing Software - Departmental

UCLA Software Central negotiates campus license agreements for the departmental only purchases, i.e. not individual, for software titles such as Microsoft, Adobe, SPSS, SAS, Endnote. Please refer to their website for the most up-to-date product list.


Purchasing Software - Individual

The following are approved UCLA vendors for the individual software purchases. Please refer to their websites for the most up-to-date product list. Any ad-hoc, individual software purchases can be made with SHI and the ASUCLA computer store.


School of Nursing Policy on Software Use

School of Nursing adheres to all software terms and conditions set forth by UCLA and UCLA Software Central. Installing, copying, distributing non-licensed and/or pirated software is strictly prohibited.

(Reference: Software Central Copyright & Software Licenses)

Software used at the University is covered by copyright law. When the software is purchased in a "shrink-wrapped" package, a license agreement - which defines the terms and conditions of use - is included, along with media and documentation. (Generally the license can be found printed on the envelope containing the diskettes, CD, or tape media.) When software is obtained under a departmental agreement, a campuswide agreement or a Universitywide agreement, the terms and conditions of use are contained in the agreement between the vendor and administering University of California unit.

Software users must be aware that use of software products carries with it legal considerations that are part of the larger issue of copyright protection. When software is used at an institution such as UCLA, legal constraints ignored by any user could leave the institution vulnerable to legal penalties and the end user vulnerable to both legal penalties and UCLA disciplinary action. Users, departmental computer support staff, and managers should know the basics of licensing to protect themselves, their department, and UCLA.

There are many sources of useful copyright information, the following are particularly applicable to software license issues, Microsoft Licenses & Piracy Site, Business Software Alliance, and Software & Information Industry Association -- Anti-Piracy.

(Reference: Campus Purchasing Software Licensing Agreements)

Each copy of software used at UCLA must be covered by a license agreement. If you buy packaged software, the license agreement is included. Software obtained in other ways must be covered by a department, campus, or university agreement; if not, it is illegal to use it.

Exceptions include:

  • Shareware
  • Public-domain software
  • Software developed by the University (including work for hire)