Office 2010 Tips

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Create links on the quick access toolbar for commonly used commands

At the top-left in Word or Excel, there is a "Quick Access Toolbar" that has commands always visible (unlike the "Ribbon" commands). Adding the commands you use regularly to this Quick Access Toolbar will save a lot of time.

  • Click on the small down-arrow to bring up the Quick Access menu, and near the bottom select  "More Commands."
  • Find other commands you use often; I also have the "Print Preview and Print" command.
  • Remove and rearrage as you like, using the "<< Remove" and up/down arrows.

I have the same commands in the same order for Word and Excel.

Extracting flash video from a PowerPoint file [Advanced]

Some Powerpoint files have embedded flash videos (*.swf files). Here's how you can extract them.

  • Download the utility "extractaflash" You can download the file from here as a zip file.
  • Save and extract "extractaflash.exe" to a folder.
  • Save the PowerPoint to the same folder.
  • Change the file extension of the powerpoint file to *.zip.
  • Extract this file.
  • Copy the *.bin file from the subfolder ...\ppt\activeX to your main folder.
  • Open a command window and navigate to the folder
  • Run >extractaflash.exe [name_of_file].bin [name_for_flash].swf

e.g., D:\Temp>extractaflash.exe activeX2.bin planet.swf

  • Open in a web browser (will need to give permission to run)