Wireless issues 2013-05

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Responses to Paul's 20013-05-16 email asking about wireless access problems.

Location Person Details
4-145 Mary Woo's Students cannot log on to UCLA_WIFI, or get kicked off when trying to download a file from Moodle
3-9... Mary Woo

I have a very weak signal for UCLA_MIFI in my office (but at least it accesses/connects) and eduroam does not allow me to log on at all (claims that I have the wrong password).

Factor, Med Plaza Kelley Hickey

I cannot connect  on my Vaio laptop to eduroam in Factor (or Med Plaza for that matter).  The error message states something to the effect that a certificate cannot be validated. Vitaly and Chris are aware of the problem. Vitaly emailed MITS about the problem last week but I haven't followed up with him as to whether he got a response. I spoke with Chris yesterday and he thinks a setting on the laptop needs to be changed. 

Factor (kindle) Jay True

I noticed that the eduroam doesn't work when you are right next door in Life Sciences but it works when I am in 200 Med Plaza.  I also noticed that I wasn't able to log in on my Kindle Fire. 

4th floor classrooms

Amy Lohmann

I have a horrible time.  I started using my 4G on my iPad because when I connect to the Wifi there is no service or very slow.  I am typically on the 4th Floor in the 2 classrooms on the North side of the building.  I cannot use the Eduroam on any of my Apple Devices.  I was told to use that for security.  I have an iphone, iphad and Mac laptop. 

Dean's conference room Hunnan Pope I had a laptop set up that I was finally able to get connected to the wireless network, I believe it was the "UCLA Web" network. Once I did get connected the connection was so slow that I couldn't even load the google webpage let alone anything else.


Dear colleagues,

Do you have problems getting wireless access in Factor? We are looking
at whether we need to improve the infrastructure, especially since more
classes may be using online tests and other content during class time
(which means every student needs access). IT has no way of testing the
wireless network, so we rely on feedback to know whether it's functional
or not.

If you do have a wireless connection problem in some locations or at
some times of day in Factor, let me know the following details:
- where in Factor (and do other people have problems in the same location?)
- what network you were trying to connect to (eduroam, UCLA_WIFI,
- whether this is always or only sometimes a problem (for example, is it
when nearby classrooms are being used?)
- whether you can connect on some but not all devices (maybe your
smartphone connects but your Mac laptop does not)

If you can connect to eduroam but cannot log on (that is you get a
message like "your credentials are not accepted"), let me know as well.
Several people have eduroam problems - it works around campus outside of
the School of Medicine, but fails in Factor.

You can also report problems that need immediate fixing to the helpdesk

Best wishes,

Paul M. Macey, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Residence, Associate Dean
for Information Technology and Innovations, Chief Innovation Officer
UCLA School of Nursing and Brain Research Institute 424-234-3244