Human Resources Staff

Below is a list of the current duties within the HR office (the list does not encompass the responsibilities of the HR office in its entirety but includes the main functions of the office):

Sheila Davis, Chief Administrative Officer/Human Resources Director

  • Oversight of HR (academic and staff), Business finance and Research administration office
  • Open Enrollment/Benefits
  • Staff Performance Evals


Stephanie Stern,  Sr. Academic Personnel Manager

  • Academic Personnel policies
  • Faculty: Appointments/promotions/merits/appraisals/joint appointments
  • Faculty Recruitment (posting, new appointments)
  • Lecturers (new contracts, reappointments, policy)
  • Faculty: Sabbaticals/Leave of Absences (LOAs)
  • Summer 1/12th requests


Letitia Lynex, Human Resources Manager

  • All payroll (Time Reporting System (TRS): monthly/bi-weekly) for staff & faculty; including questions about paychecks and changes in status (e.g., contract to career; appointment extensions, % of time, etc…)  
  • New hire requests (including job description, salary & classification)
  • Personnel Actions (Dual Employment, Equity/Exceptional salary requests, Reclassifications, Stipend Requests, Job Description updates)
  • Staff: Leave of Absences (LOAs)
  • Staff: Layoffs/separations
  • GSRs: Appointment, Reappointment, Merits, Separations
  • Clinical Liaisons (payroll)
  • Benefits information (Open enrollment and other changes)
  • Parking Coordinator (primary)
  • Directory updates
  • Postdocs (contracts/new hires/rehires/merits/separations/performance evals)
  • Work-study students (new hires/re-hires/payroll updates/separations)
  • Employment verifications
  • Faculty: Merits (back-up)


Sonia Vaswani, Human Resources Analyst

    Lecturers (new contracts, reappointments, policy)
  • TAs (contracts/new hires/re-hires/payroll updates/separations)
  • Health clearances/Licenses (updates & maintenance)
  • BRN and CCNE surveys
  • Parking Coordinator (back-up)
  • WOS academic appointments
  • Faculty Recruitment (backup)