During Grant Review Period

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  • Checks eRA Commons and/or Grant agency web site
  • Identify grant review date
  • Make note of review date on PI’s calendar
  • NOTIFY C&G Specialist of review date
  • Check submitted grant for errors
  • Check on grant score within 1 week of review date
  • Notify of grant score:
  • C&G Specialist
  • Assoc Dean for Research
  • Director of Research


C&G Specialist

  • Checks with PI on grant review date
  • Makes note of grant review date
  • Contacts PI to check on grant score 7 days/one week after grant review
  • If grant is within a “fundable” range
  • Meet with PI to confirm/identify
  • potential grant personnel
  • Status of IRB approval
  • Computer equipment, supplies, or other equipment
  • Provide PI with examples of job descriptions for potential research staff
  • Notify HR and IT regarding potential new staff hires and/or computer equipment