Post-Award/Grant Data Collection

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Grant Award Period – C&G Specialist
Notify HR, IT, Associate Dean for Research, and Associate Dean for Faculty that grant has been funded
  • HR: notify of any staff to be hired + phone requests + PI salary support
  • IT: notify of any computers and e-mail accounts to be ordered/created
  • Assoc Dean for Research: notify of any research space requests
  • Assoc Dean for Faculty: notify of any PI or other faculty salary support
Provide copies / e-mail confirmation to PI and Associate Dean for Research of notifications to HR and IT
Work with OCGA to set up grant account
Set up meeting with PI to go over grant fund management and rules
  • One-on-one meeting with PI and possibly key personnel/project director
  • Explain budget reports (how to interpret, projections, and frequency)
Explain annual report requirements and procedures
Explain supplies and Equipment Ordering Procedures; Travel protocols
Grant Award Period - PI
PI must obtain and maintain IRB approval
PI must provide annual report to granting agency
  • Specific aims (same or changes)
  • Presentations and publications from grant data
  • Any changes in percent effort or key personnel
  • Number of subjects recruited and actually studied
  • Any key findings
PI must obtain prior approval from NIH for any changes to
  • Key personnel
  • Effort (by key personnel)
  • Specific aims
  • Data collection protocol
Grant Travel
Grant travel (per diem and hotel rates) must conform to US Federal and UCLA Travel Policies
  • Travel arrangements, discount car rental codes, and UCLA travel policies can be accessed at:
  • If traveling on an NIH grant, air flights must use a US Airline whenever possible
Grant travel arrangements can be arranged via UCLA Travel
Reimbursement for grant travel
  • All receipts (especially for hotel – MUST BE ITEMIZED) must be turned in to School of Nursing Finance Office (Tania Perez) within two weeks after end of grant trip
  • For meals and ground transportation, must list names and academic affiliations for each traveler (and rationale for the meal/meeting and transportation)
Keep copies of all receipts
Grant Supplies and Equipment - Orders
Supplies and equipment should be ordered via the UCLA School of Nursing Purchasing Coordinator (School of Nursing Finance Office – 2nd floor Factor Bldg)
You will need to supply the following information for supplies and equipment orders
  • Name and number/amount of item
  • Possible vendors (provide vendor’s contact information, whether or not they will accept UCLA purchase orders/limited value orders)
  • Cost of item(s)
  • Which grant/account you will use for purchasing item (if you have more than one funding source – besides grants, it could be startup funds, etc.)
  • Where the item should be delivered
  • Approximate date/time needed
If large / expensive item ($5,000 or more), you must justify use of specific vendors (if not on UCLA preferred vendor list)