New Hire: Next Steps

HR Office

  • Parking – HR staff will assign parking to the E-BRUIN Portal
  • ID Badge – HR staff will send Photo ID application 

Letitia Lynex, HR Manager 2-654 Factor, (310) 825-9199, IT Services

  • School of Nursing Network account (computer access)
  • UCLA EM e-mail setup

For assistance, please contact the administrative support staff for your program

  • Office keys and door access
  • Ordering supplies
  • Mail Box set-up

Carl Tyler, Administrative Support,  Supervisor 4-934A Factor, (310) 206-8455,

Jumar Busto, Program Administration Specialist 4-934A Factor, (310) 206-3286,

Zoe Taylor, Administration Support/Facilities Coordinator 4-934A Factor, (310) 267-2200, A/V Services

  • A/V services set-up and troubleshooting

​Stephen Austin, A/V Manager A-618 Factor, (310) 825-4656, Fiscal Services

  • Travel and Entertainment
  • Travel Reimbursements
  • Purchase Orders

Ingrid Cuellar, Program Administration Specialist 4-943A Factor, (310) 206-1768,

Business Office (Finance)

Hector Arguello, Chief Financial Officer 2-938 Factor, (310) 825- 9327,